The Thunder were coming into this game against the Sacramento Kings trying to build off the win against the Hornets over the weekend. OKC was able to play to their strengths and attack inside the paint with ease. When the Thunder have the chance to attack the paint like they did tonight that makes everything easier for the offense. The Thunder had 5 players in double figures tonight and were able to get everyone involved and they got the ball movement going smoothly. The Big 3 of Paul George, Russell Westbrook, and Carmelo Anthony combined for 57 points on the night and were able to get into a groove on offense. Paul George has found his rythym in this offense and has been able to create for himself and his teammates on both ends of the floor. The way that George can impact the game on each end gives the Thunder a huge advantage night in and night out in his SF matchups. Not a lot of small forwards are knockdown shooters and lockdown defenders at the same time and George showed his worth tonight. George had 5 steals in the game and was able to use his defense to get his offense going in the right direction.

Carmelo Anthony took over the game in that 3rd quarter and it seemed as though Russell Westbrook and the Thunder were looking for Melo. When your shot is going in like it did for Melo tonight you can finish a quarter with 15 points. When Melo is on fire like that it’s very hard to get him out of his rhytym or his game. Carmelo and Paul both had mismatches and were able to use their size and quickness off the dribble to punish the Kings. Russell Westbrook took over the game like he always does when OKC needs it and almost finished with a triple double coming up just shy of his 10 assist on the night. De’Aaron Fox couldn’t check Russell Westbrook all night and it was very obvious that OKC knew where to go with the mismatches. Russell Westbrook has improved on his mid-range jumper and he’s also improved on getting his teammates in their hot spots since the beginning of the season. Late in the 4th Russell Westbrook was ejected from the game as he drove to the basket and got hit in the face but didn’t get a foul call instead he got a travel. He got up pissed off and went to the referee who then tossed him with a double tech.

The Kings tried to make a late game rally at the end but Buddy Hields 16 points weren’t enough to help the Kings get the late game win after Westbrook exited the game. The Kings couldn’t hit anything tonight and struggled from the field in crucial moments. The Thunder struggled as well but turned it up when they needed too all throughout the game.

The Thunder will be facing the Lakers on Wednesday and want to continue this win streak heading into Cleveland for Saturday.

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