The Oklahoma City Thunder were able to reveal their city jersey tonight against the Washington Wizards. What we didn’t know is that the Oklahoma City Thunder were already supposed to wear the “City” jersey previously in the season. Paul George told me that the OKC “City” Jersey was supposed to be revealed against the Houston Rockets on Christmas Day. Paul also was able to tell me that it was a Nike malfunction that prevented the team from debuting the jersey then. The Oklahoma City Thunder had to wait for Nike to redo the first batch of jerseys that were made because the material was ripping easily. With the second batch of jerseys that OKC wore tonight it was long overdue and Paul George definitely loved the new jersey just check the clip below.

With that being said Paul George also had put on the Nike PG1 “City” PE to compliment the jersey. The Nike PG2 was already past that “City” jersey moment and that was the reason why the PG1 was worn tonight. Nike has already whipped up some PG2 flavors for the Star and they will be hitting the court very soon.

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