I was able to talk to Carmelo Anthony and Paul George briefly about the direction of their sneaker lines. Paul George stole the show when it came to the debut of his PG1 in London and had the “Shoe of the Year” in a lot of sneakerheads minds hands down. Well, this weekend he topped the shutdown in London when he was able to debut the Nike PG2 in a collaboration with Sony PlayStation. Carmelo Anthony, on the other hand, has been going into his retro bag all of a sudden wearing the Melo 1.5. Melo has been with Jordan Brand his whole career and has had some dope sneakers over the years that had sneakerheads wanting more from his line. Check out below to see what both OKC Stars talked about as they gave me a look at their lines and the future of what’s to come for the public.

SR: I think you’ve had the best sneaker debuts as far as signiture athletes in my opinion with the PG1 and now following it up with the PG2.

PG: You think so? Well I appriciate that for real.

Below are the pictures of both the Nike PG1 (London) & Nike PG2 (Cleveland) in their debuts.

SR: What is the difference between the PG1 & PG2? 

PG: As you can see we took the strap away from the forefront. We wanted to still keep that lock down feel with cuts and turns for all basketball players. Removing the strap also made it a lot easier to get in and out of the sneaker after wearing them. The biggest thing is the traction got a lot better. You won’t be doing any slipping or sliding in the PG2 as it’s very good performance wise. I wanted something lighter but also keep that glove-like material from the PG1.

SR: What can we expect from the Nike PG2 line now after the PlayStation debut the other night and the new PG2 tonight?

PG: We will be having a lot more Flavors for you guys coming really soon. The colorways are going to be endless on the PG2 its special but I can’t wait until the PG3. That’s going be the one right there man for that stamp of approval.

SR: I can’t wait to see the PG3 now but who does PG have winning the SuperBowl? You got my Patriots

PG: No comment on the PG3….(laughs) but I had the Jags beating you’ll this past weekend but since you guys won I’ll go with the Patriots to win the SuperBowl.

I was able to check out the Flavors that Paul George wore against the Nets and they’re extremely light. I love the endless possibilities with the materials whether it be patent leather, suede, leather, or etc. This will be one of those sneakers that everyone will want to hoop in just like the PG1. The color schemes are going to be dope and PE colorways that PG have lined up are sick. While I was holding the sneaker I realized the sock liner was a lot more cushioned and the sneaker has a very easy lacing system to get in and out of after wear. PG wanted this sneaker to be based on performance but it still gives you that street appeal as well which made the PG1 so EPIC. I told him this was the best Nike collab since the Nike KD 4 Nerf and he was definitely happy with the input. Overall PG is one of the most humble stars and I’m looking forward to the growth in his line and his game as time goes by. Can’t wait to see more colorways on the PG2 and can’t wait to see the PG3 he was hyped up about it but we got a long way to go before those flavors.


Carmelo talked to me about the direction of the Melo line line a couple weeks ago as you can watch below. After watching that check out what Melo let me know is in store for his line for the consumers.




Carmelo is one of the best players to go to for quotes and he was able to give me a couple of gems after the win against the Nets.

SR: Everyone is feeling those Melo 1.5s that you been wearing including players. They’re definitely dope is JB coming back with any retros?

CA: Yeah I been wearing the 1.5s getting into some of the retros now. Be on the lookout after All Star Weekend the 1.5 will be dropping.

SR: Wasn’t the plan after the M13 to get you wearing the Jordan Retros like Ray Allen and etc?

CA: That was initally the plan but why wear the Jordan Retros when I have my own Retros after playing for 15 years and I’m comfortable with them.

SR: My favorite Melo all-time is the Melo 5.5s I can’t wait for those to come back.

CA: Just wait until next year for those


Photo by (Photo by Layne Murdoch/NBAE via Getty Images)

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