LiAngelo Ball hadn’t stepped on the court for UCLA this season and now he never will, thanks to his father, Lavar. The Elder Ball pulled his son out of school and there are no plans to try and enroll him elsewhere. The plan, according to Lavar, is to get “Gelo” ready for the NBA draft.

“I’m going to make him way better for the draft than UCLA ever could have,” he said.

“He’s not transferring to another school,” he told ESPN. “The plan is now to get Gelo ready for the NBA draft.”

Lavar is reportedly upset with UCLA for the indefinite suspension they gave to LiAngelo and the other two players who were caught stealing in China.  “I’m not sitting back and waiting,” LaVar Ball told ESPN. “He wasn’t punished this bad in China. We get back over here and the consequences were even stiffer than China. So basically they’re in jail here.”

In fact, Lavar removed LiAngelo from the school without notifying anyone related to the UCLA basketball program.  “I haven’t told any of those guys,” Lavar said. “They didn’t tell me anything, so why am I gonna tell them.”

Eventually coach Steve Alford was made aware of what’s going on and released a statement. “We learned today of LiAngelo Ball’s intention to withdraw from UCLA,” Alford said. “We respect the decision he and his family have made, and we wish him all the best in the future.”

Lavar seems somewhat delusional with the whole process of his son being suspended. Sure it was just a young, dumb mistake by LiAngelo, but for Lavar to think the whole thing was just going to go away soon and his son would only be suspended a few games is not realistic.

As part of his suspension, UCLA took away his meal card and he hasn’t been allowed to practice or travel with the team. Even before all of this happened, it was clear that LiAngelo was going to be coming off the bench for the Bruins, which was also something that didn’t sit well with Lavar. “They had him there just to use the Ball family name. They were going to keep the best shooter on the team coming off the bench? That’s like telling the Clippers back in the day not to play JJ Redick,” LaVar Ball said.

What happens now with LiAngelo is anyone’s guess. He wasn’t highly rated by any NBA scout, even before the incident in China happened, this according to Adrian Wojnarowski. This will also likely change the plans of the youngest brother, LaMelo, attending UCLA as well, which he had already committed to starting in 2019.

It’s never a boring day when Lavar Ball is involved.

Written By Joe Casey

Twitter: @IamJoeSports

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