Not much was expected from the Phoenix Suns this season but at the very least, fans thought they would be a fun team to watch and see grow. Instead, they are now 0-3, which really isn’t a big deal but all the drama surrounding the team most definitely is a big deal.


Bledsoe met with the Suns early on Monday and was sent home. He reportedly told them his tweet that said “I Don’t wanna be here” was about a hair salon he was at. Suns general manager, Ryan McDonough, wasn’t buying that excuse in the least bit.

The Bucks, Nuggets and Knicks are reportedly some of the teams in discussions to trade for Bledsoe.

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While most fans around the country were caught up in NFL Sunday, Suns guard, Eric Bledsoe, randomly tweeted out “I Don’t wanna be here.”

Less than an hour later, courtesy of Adrian Wojnarowski, we learned the Suns were firing head coach, Earl Watson. According to Woj, Suns GM, Ryan McDonough and Watson have been at odds for some time now. The team is one of the youngest in the league and since nothing was expected besides a rebuilding season, it’s extremely odd that they would fire a coach only three games into the season. Suns owner, Robert Sarver, was reportedly a major factor in the decision to let Watson go at this time.

As I mentioned prior, the Suns have only played three games this season but they have already lost by more than 40 points twice! Watson was 33-85 during his tenure as the coach of the team, which is hard to knock considering the roster he has had to work with but it’s likely more so that he lost the ear of his players that led to the timing of his firing. Bledsoe’s tweet I’m sure only made things worse.

One person who was happy to see the tweet from Bledsoe was his former Clippers teammate, DeAndre Jordan, who would love to have him come back to Los Angeles.

Phoenix has tried to trade Bledsoe numerous times since last season but they have yet to find a deal that worked. I’d be shocked if they didn’t find a trade partner by the end of the week after all this nonsense and it will be best for all parties involved. Assistant coach,  Jay Triano, was promoted to interim head coach and will likely remain in the position for the rest of this season.

There is a big chance that the Suns will wind up as the worst team in the league this season. With nothing else to lose, now it’s time to refocus for them and get back to the rebuilding process and try to look for small wins throughout the season to show that they are at least on the right track. They still have a young core with Devin Booker, Josh Jackson and more, so it will be in their best interest to put all this early season drama behind them and try to get better individually and collectively.

Written by Joe Casey

Twitter: @IamJoeSports

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