The Thunder were able to celebrate Russell Westbrook’s accomplishments and his extension in front of all the Thunder fans. The day started off with music, food, and Thunder memorabilia and finished with the MVP. Russell Westbrook was surprised by a video that was narrated by his brother Raynard showcasing the ups and downs that got Westbrook to the point he’s at now. Russell Westbrook was able to talk to the crowd about why he stayed in OKC with the extension and let the fans know how much they mean to him. This was a huge moment for the state of Oklahoma because they have seen the greatness that Westbrook presents and they believed in him from day one. The crowd started chanting loyalty and it proved to be exactly what happened when Russ signed his new contract. Russell Westbrook didn’t give many details on the contract and when it came to the day he decided but did state he wants to be here. He talked about everything from fatherhood to his knee procedure but overall the MVP was open to everything happening and made time for the media. Check out the videos below and enjoy the MVPs impactful day in Edmond today.




Photo Credit: Photo by Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman

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