The Philadelphia 76ers faced off against the Miami Heat last night in the final preseason tune up for both teams. While the game didn’t really matter much, it wound up providing us with elite levels of entertainment well after the game was over.

It all started when Embiid drew a foul on Whiteside early in the game and proceeded to tell the Heat bench to get Whiteside out of the game because he can’t guard him.

As you can see, the gesture by Embiid had everyone laughing, Whiteside included. After the game however, a twitter defender of Whiteside attempted to remind Embiid that he was only 1-7 shooting in the game. The war was on from there.

Embiid was quick to fire off some more shots of his own.

Then in an apparent ode to Kevin Durant, Embiid explained what happened.

Whiteside had one final burn to send to Embiid before he was done for the night.

But you didn’t think Embiid was going to let him have the last word, did you? He took to Instagram with his final shot and you must notice his location.

Rudy Gobert noticed the two young centers going at it and decided to add his two cents to the situation.

Andre Iguodala and CJ McCollum, also took notice of the back and forth.

This was all just a reminder of how great NBA twitter is no matter the time of year. We unfortunately have to wait until February for the Sixers and Heat to play each other in the regular season and we can only hope the post game entertainment is as good as it was this time.

Written By Joe Casey

Twitter: @IamJoeSports

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