Indianapolis Colts receiver, T.Y. Hilton, made the bad mistake yesterday of throwing specific teammates under the bus after a ugly, 27-0 loss at the hands of Jacksonville Jaguars. Hilton called out the offensive line after quarterback, Jacoby Brissett, was sacked 10 times by the Jags defense. Now nobody will say he was wrong because anyone watching that game could see the offensive line was completely overmatched. However, the way he went about calling them out will likely lead to some tension in the locker room.

Hilton called them out for not having pride and also added “What if we put them back there to take those hits?”, referring to the hits Brissett continued to take in the backfield.

Charlie Clifford of WISH shared Hilton’s response in full, which actually started with a question about how the receivers can help Brissett more.

Again, nothing is factually incorrect about what Hilton said but his teammates on the o-line aren’t going to be happy with him. That’s not the way to try and get better by calling people out publicly. I have seen Hilton drop passes over the past couple seasons that would’ve been big plays if he caught them and I don’t remember anyone on the offensive line getting mad at him for not making plays.

If anyone is to blame, Hilton should be looking up at the front office because the line has been an issue for years. They invested so much money in Andrew Luck and other positions that they basically ignored upgrading the line. Part of the reason Luck is injured now is because of the constant beating he took as defensive players feasted on him due to the lack of protection.

Hopefully if you’re a Colts fan or player, you understand this season is already over and you try and come together to look for positives to build on heading into next season.

Written by Joe Casey

Twitter: @IamJoeSports

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