The Oklahoma City Thunder are one of the teams in the NBA this season that won’t sport an advertisment patch on the teams jerseys this year. Oklahoma City usually keeps their jersey simple and true to the Thunder way with the photo blue and white jerseys. This season the NBA has started up their partnership with Nike as they join forces leading into the future for basketball. The Nike experience will be on full display as OKC was one of the first teams that were able to showcase the jerseys as seen below.

Today Nike launched the NBA jersey/apparel collection today for all the NBA teams. Nike gave OKC a new look with the nike swoosh on the road jersey being orange coming in a limited edition that will be $200. The Swingman jersey will retail for $110 & the authentic jersey will retail for $200. The Thunder jersey and different shirts that are seen below can be purchased at


Let us know if you were going to buy anything from the OKC Thunder Nike collection.


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