Michael Clark has evolved into a household name in the Arizona community especially when it comes to the basketball scene. Michael has been able to use his knowledge and social media skills to help promote some of Arizona’s top basketball prospects. Arizona Finest has become an elite platform in the basketball community that has been able to compete with Ball Is Life. Clark had the vision at the age of 22 and has used Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram to expand AZ Finest. The best thing about what Clark does is the fact that he shows through basketball and directing highlights that anything is possible for young talent in Arizona. Clark gives the young talent coming up in Arizona a chance to get noticed on a huge platform. Michael has proved that vision and belief in yourself is possible even at a young age. Clark started the grind watching his brother and helping his brother look good on the court with his videos. Now Clark can say that has been everywhere through his vision and has been in the presence of some of the best basketball players in Arizona and around the US.

Michael has an eye for exceptional talent on the basketball court and he’s built a company that has become about building relationships. The relationships that have been built over time have helped Clark be at many events and places that basketball players need to be filmed for highlights. Clark has been able to take something that was just Arizona based and bring it into a national eye view. Michael has inspriation from Ball Is Life but when you want to be the best you have to try to take risks to get to the top and he’s done just that. Michael has watched Marvin Bagley grow from a freshman to a Duke elite talent. Clark cherishes these moments and has been there since the beginging and loves it when someone makes it to success. With AZ Finest it presents the chance or opporunity for athletes with hoop dreams to get exposure so they can hang on to that hoop dream. Many propsects have showed love to Michael Clark and he’s showed it right back being there for every moment through the lens.



Overall Michael Clark has achieved so much in such very little time. When you look at his drive and determination it’s defintely encouraging to anyone that comes across him. When you have the talent and the drive like Michael Clark you can see your growth on a daily. When it comes to getting the best of of himself Clark has been able to do that. He’s been featured on many news outlets and he’s also been able to connect with many players in Arizona to help them each their goal. Clark has evolved the sports insursty in Arizona and has made AZ Finest a well known name when it comes to basketball clips on social media. You can catch Michael capturing the best crossovers, dunks, and passes all at the right moment. It’s to the point that players want Clark to be wherever they are so he can capture their best moments on and off the court. Clark started something that has grown into something bigger than expected but he doesn’t shy away from that moment. All Clark needed was the door open and now he’s been able to flourish in a sports industry that has lacked in excitement for a long time. Clark has brought back those AAU days back when the kids would want to see every play and worry about how they looked on the camera.


Michael Clark has expressed the love/passion he has for the game of basketball and has become the go to man in Arizona for highlight tapes in the community. In a recent interview, Clark said: “With video, you can make every player look like they played well, even when they don’t”. Clark wanted to get the recognition that Ball Is Life gets and put Arizona on the map and he’s achieved both of them over the last couple of years. Whether people want to admit it or not Clark has put Arizona basketball on the scout/coach radar now. Using his producing/editing skills he has created an empire that has grown into a legacy.

Nowadays, AZ Finest Mixtape has taken the social media platform by storm amassing thousands of followers. Clark has used his website (http://www.azfinestmixtapes.com), Youtube, Twitter, and different social platforms to get these players the exposure. Clark has done a lot of amazing things for these Arizona players and even if they don’t make the NBA. Michael Clark has created videos for these players but also experiences that they can cherish for life. AZ Finest Mixtape has a huge platform and Michael wants to use it to also get into sports management in the near future.



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